Boys, Age 8-11, Show Love, Knowledge of Troy Cummings Books in Chat

KidLit Author Interview

Four Roving Reader Leaders–fans of children’s book author and illustrator Troy Cummings–demonstrated their love and knowledge of Cummings’ Notebook of Doom series in a fun Skype interview with the author.

During the interview, the boys, age 8-11, members of the Roving Reader Leaders, informed Cummings of when his next book was due to be released, recited the titles of his books by series number, and surprised him with questions that demonstrated the depth of their knowledge about his series. They also expressed disappointment that his series will end after 13 books.

Watch the boys interview Cummings here:

The Roving Reader Leaders include Michael, age 8, co-founder of the book club; two brothers, Lukyan, 11, and Levko, 9; and Oliver, 8.

Earlier this year, Michael did a 1-million-star video review of “The Notebook of Doom,” then asked Cummings to conduct an interview via Skype. Needless to say, he and his friends were thrilled when Cummings said yes.

Here’s Michael’s 1-million-star review:

In “The Notebook of Doom” series, Alexander Bopp moves to a new town with his father and discovers all sorts of monsters. Each book, illustrated by Cummings, introduces a new monster. Kids love the mystery, humor and illustrations in Cummings’ books. Cummings and publisher Scholastic plan to complete the series with 13 books.

In this interview, these boys shared their love of books with enthusiasm, humor and depth. That’s the mission of the Roving Reader Leaders–to do book reviews and author interviews that get other kids excited about reading and discussing books– in parks, gyms, libraries, and on playgrounds –or wherever kids can be found!

Last year, Michael was thrilled to interview Scooby-Doo book author Laurie Sutton. Watch the interview:

Cummings’ clients include AOL, Back Stage, the Boston Globe, Cambridge University Press, Capstone, the Chicago Tribune, Harper Collins, NY Daily News, Random House Time for Kids and others. Learn more about him at

Said Michael, “I’m so lucky I get to interview authors,” Michael said after the interview.

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