We Love Thank-You Notes Like These from Students!

“Your visit pushed me to…dream big dreams.”



We love the thank-you notes we receive from the students we visit via Skype in the classroom, and these are no exception!author visits in schools

This week, we worked with a group of 3rd and 4th graders attending a camp. On that day, they were focusing on careers, and visiting with authors and professionals in other careers. We told them about our journey and how it began with the death of our dear Lucy. The kids talked about losing pets and writing stories or doing art projects about them to overcome their grief. We touched on character development, conflict, illustration and publishing. We also answered questions about choosing writing as a career, reminding the students to write every day, share their writing, and put their work out there, even if it means getting rejected.

We were thrilled to receive these thank-you notes from the students a few days later.

author visits in schools

Here’s what one student wrote: “Thank you for having the time for teaching us writing and reading subjects. Also I would really like to meet you in person. What I like about you is that your are a really inspiring person and I thought of the words you said yesterday it really pushed me to do the right choices, and dream big dreams. Also, I like how you and your son have a lot in common.” Love, Daniel

A letter like this makes our day, our week, our year!


“Thank you for sharing your book with us and for sharing how we can be perfect writers,” another student wrote.

“Thank you for your writing tips and your time,” wrote another student. “I tried to draw Lucy. I tried to draw Hudson.” Her illustrations of the two dogs were amazing!

To learn more about our author visits in the schools, email us at BashAndLucy@gmail.com! And if you follow us on twitter @BashAndLucy_ you’ll see some photos of our visits!

author visits in schools

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