This Kids’ Dog Book Gets a High Rating From Kidlit Lover, 9

kids' dog book

The kids’ dog book “Rumplepimple Goes to Jail” by Suzanne DeWitt Hall gets a very high rating from kidlit lover Michael, age 9.

Watch his review here:

Spoiler alert! Michael gives away the plot in this review.

Earlier, a 7-year-old Michael reviewed the first Rumplepimple kids’ dog book, and gave it 99 million stars.

Watch that review here:

Michael is chief of the Roving Reader Leaders, kidlit lovers who review books on playgrounds, in gyms, in bookstores and wherever kids can be found! The Reader Leaders also interview authors. The first interview was with author Laurie Sutton, who writes Scooby-Doo books.

In Rumplepimple Goes to Jail, the hero dog saves the day again. He tries to protect his tutu-wearing friend Mr. Noodles from danger at an event. While Mr. Noodles gets home, Rumplepimple goes to jail. where his two moms eventually find him.

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