Kids Dog Book Series Illustrator Heather Nichols

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Heather Nichols, illustrator of Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence.

The kids dog books series “Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence” is illustrated by Heather Nichols, a freelance illustrator who was born and raised in San Diego but currently lives in Portland, Oregon.  As a child she dreamed of being an illustrator.  Heather’s work reflects a lifelong process that continues to grow and develop as she does.

Heather discovered her love for drawing at age 7 in Mrs. Otterholt’s class. She drew Joshua Giraffe, a character from her favorite Raffi song and felt a joy she hadn’t known before. By the time she was 10 she knew that she would be drawing cartoons for a living when she grew up. She remembers being disappointed in 4th grade when her teacher informed her that there would be no animators coming into the class to speak during career week.

She managed to take every art class possible from elementary through high school. She took some community college courses. She learned most of what she knows from copying her favorite Warner Brother cartoons, watching Commander Mark and the Secret City (an amazing cartoon instruction series) and observing the local graffiti artists in her neighborhood.

In March of 2000 she landed a job drawing caricatures for Kaman’s Art Shoppes, Inc. at Sea World in San Diego. Drawing caricatures was an aspect of cartooning she had not explored very much and it was love at first sketch. She was very fortunate to be surrounded by phenomenal artists who helped guide her along. Before she knew it she was drawing at parties and huge corporate events.

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