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In ‘Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy,” young Bash is overcome with jealousy when his dog, Lucy, who is now a soccer coach, helps out a team of special-needs kids.


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In Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence, talkative Bash has a big problem in soccer: his dog Lucy, who is a pro at nabbing the ball—sometimes at the wrong moment. Coach wants to ban Lucy from soccer practice and games. But Lucy has lots to teach the coach and players about sports, friendship—and life! Can Bash talk the coach and players into letting Lucy stay?

This is Book One in the Bash and Lucy kids’ dog book series, about a chatty boy and his wise but mischievous Golden Retriever who teach kids age 4 to 8 about youth sports, leadership, teamwork—and more! Readers also learn about the magical connection between children and dogs.

Reviews of Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence

“Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence” is a wonderful story that teaches kids and their families about the important relationships we can have with dogs and illustrates beautifully how there can be more than one way to do something… and that the best way isn’t always the obvious way! It promotes relationships above results and creative thinking above the status quo. A great read for any dog-lovers!

Phoebe Spier, Musician & Child/Youth Development Professional

Parents, teachers and young kids will enjoy this fun story about a young dog lover, Bash, who thinks his soccer team can’t live without his sporty Golden Retriever, Lucy. “Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence” teaches kids about just some of the many important values kids can learn from dogs. Once you’ve read the book, be sure to visit “Michael’s Dog Blog” again and again. It’s packed with entertaining book reviews by young children, fascinating dog facts for kids, and hero dog stories–to name just some of the highlights.

–Joan Tolle, Special Education teacher, Sweet Home, Oregon

In this charming and humorous tale about a boy and his dog, the authors cleverly show us, through the eyes of the boy and his dog, the beautiful life lessons learned about friendship, love and sportsmanship. Lucy-dog embodies the spirit of teamwork as she builds confidence in a boys’ soccer team and encourages them to work together without saying a word!  Even the coach is reminded, as parents and teachers will attest, that when we pay attention, these little creatures impart keen insights along life’s path that we otherwise might miss. Age-old values such as respect, love and non-violence punctuate the pages.  The author’s canine imagery is vivid and always imaginative.  Appropriately, the illustrations are delightfully whimsical and supply a truly artistic touch.  Young or old, one cannot help but smile at the antics of Lucy and her teammates.  Bravo!

Laura Stipkala, teacher and parent

Such a cute book…awesome illustrations, too. I really like the idea of using the dog to help teach the concept of teamwork, the importance of confidence, and how the dog represented to the boys these ideas. I also enjoyed the flow of the book…It’s a nice story that can teach some great lessons to kids in sports.

Kirk Mango, National Champion, Hall of Famer, & author of “Becoming a True Champion”

“Bash and Lucy,” an endearing story about a boy and his soccer-loving dog, is a book that kids (and the adults who read it to them) will enjoy. Any kid who plays soccer, any parent who’s watched or coached soccer, and anyone who’s loved a dog will find something to love about this book!

Susan Moshofsky, teacher and parent

“Bash & Lucy Fetch Confidence” is a winning picture book that teaches children about the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship while also revealing the close bond between children and their beloved pets. Writer Lisa Cohn has teamed up with her young son, Michael, to write this warm, humorous story, which is illustrated by Heather Nichols. Bash and his friends play on a soccer team and are used to Lucy, Bash’s Golden Retriever, encouraging them at games until the Coach decides the dog is a distraction and doesn’t belong. With Lucy gone, the boys lose their ability to work together. It’s up to Lucy and the boys to convince the coach that Lucy’s faithful presence is the right way to create team spirit. The charming, expressive illustrations make this a lively story and a great choice for kids age 4-8.

Erin MacLellan, author and parent

I take real joy in editing children’s books. I’ve edited quite a few, but this was one of the very best I’ve been given the opportunity to read and work on. As an adult, I enjoyed reading it and could easily imagine sharing this with my own children over and over again.
An Editor with Amazon’s Createspace

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