Press About and Articles By Lisa And Michael Cohn, Co-authors, “Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence”Story on the Today Show Featuring Michael Cohn: In this Today Show story, Michael is featured as a book-loving, budding YouTube Book critic. Also featured is his role in writing “Bash And Lucy Fetch Confidence.” Watch the interview here: Today Show Story About Michael Cohn, Co-Author, “Bash And Lucy”

Michael Cohn, Book Reviewer
Michael, Our YouTube Book Reviewer, On Today Show

This story was picked up by a number of large newspapers, including The Daily Mail in the UK, which called Michael “the adorable blue-eyed boy (who) wanders around a bookstore excitedly, grabbing books off the shelves”  Daily Mail Story About Michael Cohn and The Today Show

KATU-TV Interview With Lisa and Michael Cohn: In this TV interview, Lisa and Michael are interviewed about why they wrote their book. Watch the interview here:

Lisa And Michael Cohn Interviewed by KATU-TV

Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence
KATU-TV Interview with Lisa and Michael Cohn

–Story in The Oregonian, “Grief Over Dog’s Death Inspires 5-Year-Old and Mom to Co-author Children’s Book” This First appeared online, and then was on the first page of the Living section as “Writing Through Grief” (photo below). Read the story here: Oregonian Story About “Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence”

Oregonian Article, Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence
Oregonian Article

Michael (and Lisa ) Featured on Fox-12 Oregon for New Book Club: Boy Shares Passion for Reading By Creating Book Club

Michael Cohn
Michael on Fox-12 Oregon








Live Sirius XM Radio Interview with Kim Power Stilson: “The World’s Youngest Book Reviewer.” Stilson interviews both Lisa and Michael, age 6. Listen here: “The World’s Youngest Book Reviewer: Sirius XM Radio Interview

Kim Power Stilson Show
Lisa and Michael Cohn on Kim Power Stilson Show

AM Northwest Live Interview With Lisa Cohn  Watch The Video Here: Live AM Northwest Interview: Grief Over Dog’s Death Spawns Award-Winning Book

AM Northwest TV Interview
Lisa and Michael Live on AM Northwest: TV Interview

Oregonian Story About “Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy” Book Release Party. Read the story here:

Oregonian Story
Oregonian Story







-KGW-TV Story About Our Book Release Party and Benefit Oct. 20: Watch The Video Here: Portland Boy, Mom, Write Book After Dog Dies This story was also picked up by Yahoo! News:  Yahoo! News Story About Our Book Release Party and Benefit

KGW-TV Book Release Party
KGW-TV Story About Book Release Party

-Story in The Oregonian, “Helping A Child Cope With the Loss of A Pet” (tells our story, mentions our book, and attracts more than 700 Facebook “likes”).  Read the story, with photos of Michael, here: Oregonian Article: Helping A Child Cope With Pet Loss Oregonianstorypetloss

Story in Pet360, Dog-Loving Author and Son Hope to Crowdfund New Book: Read the story here: Pet-Loving Author and Son Hope to Crowdfund New Book: Pet360 Article

Pet360 Article
Pet360 Article

–Pet360’s Article Picked up by Yahoo! Shine:

Story in These Kids Prove Selfies Can Be More Than Just a Duckface, featuring Michael recording an audiobook with friends: Read the story here, see “Mike at theMic:” Michael Featured in Cute Story
Author Michael Cohn in






-Times-Warner TV Story (Palmdale, Calif) About Our Kickstarter Backers and Plans for Book Two:  Watch the story here: Times-Warner TV Story About Our Kickstarter and Book Two

Michael and Tristen, Special Needs Boy in TV Story

Story in “Spot Magazine,” “From Grief To Great Adventure” Read the story here: From Grief To Great Adventure in Spot Magazine

Michael's Dog Blog
Michael’s Dog Blog in Spot Magazine

Story in Northwest Examiner, Our Neighborhood Newspaper, About Michael’s Dog Blog: Blog Helps 4-Year-Old Cope with Dog’s Death

Northwest Examiner Story
Northwest Examiner Story

–Lisa interviewed by Pet Talk Radio (interview starts at 50 minutes): Lisa Interviewed by Pet Radio Show About Bash and Lucy and Michael’s Involvement in It

Pet Radio
Pet Radio

DOG AND PARENTING ARTICLES BY LISA COHN:   Lisa’s story in BLUNTmoms: “Why Did You Send Me to That B*&$!! of a School?” Asked my Kindergarten Son Read the story here:


KidLit Lover
Deprive a KidLit Lover of His Books and…-Lisa’s story in Mamalode: “The Benefits of My Read-Aloud Problem” Read the story here: The Benefits of My Read-Aloud Problem: Lisa’s story in Mamalode









The Benefits of My Read-Aloud Problem

Lisa’s story in Dogster, “Dogster Hero: Portland-Based Autism Service Dogs of America” Read the story here: Dogster Hero: Portland-Based Autism Service Dogs of America

Austism Service Dogs
Lisa’s Autism Service Dogs story in Dogster

Lisa’s story in Dogster, “I Waged War for My Dog and Won, But Divided The Neighborhood” Read the story here: I Waged War for My Dog And Won, But Divided The Neighborhood

Dogster story by Lisa Cohn
Dogster Story by Lisa Cohn

Lisa’s story in Dogster, “My Dog Ruined My Kid’s Birthday Party, And Showed Me Who My True Friends Are” (We love the 170 Facebook likes and 40 comments) Read the story here: Naughty Puppy Story By Lisa Cohn, Author of “Bash And Lucy Fetch Confidence”

Naughty Puppy story
Naughty Puppy Story in Dogster by “Bash And Lucy Fetch Confidence” Author

Lisa’s story in Dogster about training dogs with shock collars: (We were shocked by the 113 facebook likes and 105 comments!) Read the story here: Dog Training Story in Dogster By Lisa Cohn, Co-author, “Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence”

Dog Training
Dog Training Story About Shock Collars


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