“Book-Crazy Boy” Story on Today Show: Viewers’ Response!

Book-Crazy Boy
Book-Crazy Boy
Michael, Our Book-Crazy Boy, On Today Show

To all of you who saw us on the  Today Show Sunday: Thank you for the emails, Facebook comments (on the Today Show’s Facebook page), shares, suggestions for book reviews, visits to our website, and “Bash And Lucy Fetch Confidence” purchases (many of which came directly through our website).

The Today Show feature focused on 5-year-old Michael Cohn’s love of books, his YouTube book reviews, and his role in helping write “Bash And Lucy Fetch Confidence.”

We loved all the emails and comments, many from books lovers who were thrilled to see such a young “book-crazy boy” so engaged with books. We were also excited to hear from all the parents with book lovers out there. Many people said that their own kids share the same passion for books.

If you haven’t watched the Today Show story, you can view it here:
“Bash And Lucy” Authors on The Today Show

“What a treat to hear such a heart-warming story on the news this morning about Michael’s love of the library, books, and his dogs,” one viewer wrote us.

“He’s so cute, won my nerd heart, we’re a family of book people,” wrote one woman on Facebook. “Being a book-buff myself, this literally brought tears to my eyes,” wrote another woman. “I hope he NEVER outgrows his love of books…I sure never did.”

One woman wrote, “If part of the campaign to ‘Keep Portland Weird’ includes providing an environment where a 5-year-old boy can become a book critic and co-write a book with his mom… I am fully in support of keeping it weird.” She shared the story from Powell’s Facebook page (Part of the segment was filmed at Powell’s Books).

“Thanks for the positive energy you’re giving our country and world,” wrote the National Center for Families Learning in an email.

One woman who had just lost her Golden Retriever wrote, “Your courage of how you were able to get through the hurt of losing a ‘best friend’ gave me strength. Thank you very much for showing your bravery! I bought your book and will remember you!”

The Daily Mail in the UK ran a story about Michael’s appearance on the Today Show. You can read it here:

Daily Mail Story About Michael Cohn’s Appearance on the Today Show

Many people have asked us how we became guests on the Today Show. Lisa, who does some public relations for artists and arts organizations, bought a list of TV producers and sent the story idea to a Today Show producer.

On the Today Show’s Facebook page, some moms said they didn’t understand why the Today Show ran the story. They said Michael isn’t so special; lots of kids love books! We’d love to hear your opinion and hear your stories about your book lovers, writers and reviewers! Email us at BashAndLucy@gmail.com

While you’re thinking about that question, check our our book and its reviews at Bash And Lucy Fetch Confidence

Again, your feedback was very touching and we’d love to hear from you!

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