Grief Over a Dog Loss and the Healing Power of Writing

Dog Loss
dog loss
Grief Over a Dog Loss Led to This Book

On the first anniversary of the death of our dear dog, Lucy, we’re here to tell you about another author who, like us, experienced a dog loss and turned to writing to help her overcome her grief. Her name is Teddy O’Malley. She is 24 and wrote her kids’ dog book, “Tell Me How You Say Good Night,” when she was 23. We’re so impressed that she wrote and published a book at the age of 23 and want to encourage others to turn to writing and art to help them express sad feelings.

Here is the review of “Tell Me How You Say Good Night” that we just posted on our YouTube Channel. It’s by Michael, age 5, co-author of our “Bash and Lucy” kids’ dog book, and he has lots of nice things to say about “Tell Me How You Say Good Night.” Watch his review here:

Michael likes the fact that the reader says good night in many different languages. He’s attempting to say good night in these languages in this review.

Mia, age 13, Michael’s friend who helps him review books, says she likes this book because the dogs are super cute and the book has a real “snuggle up with your dog” feel.

Again, we congratulate Teddy for writing a book at her age and for doing it to help her cope with her grief. Our own attempts to overcome the grief over our dog loss has led us on quite an adventure this year, first writing a book, then publicizing it and appearing on the Today Show. Now we’re telling young children globally about our experiences and teaching them about writing through our “Skype on the Classroom” lessons. You can learn more about that by visiting our blog, Michael’s Dog Blog

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