Kids’ Dog Book Reviewer, 8, Gives “Infinity” Star Rating!

Kids' Dog Book Reviewer
Kids' Dog Book Reviewer
Kids’ Dog Book Reviewer Gets Thank You from Illustrator

Michael, age 8, our kids’ dog book reviewer and dog lover, just discovered the Rider Woofson series, about a pack of detective dogs led by Rider Woofson.

Michael recently reviewed the first two books in the series–written by Walker Styles and illustrated by Ben Whitehouse–while vacationing in Hawaii. When we tweeted Michael’s review to the illustrator, he sent the wonderful thank you illustration that you see above. It makes us very happy to receive thank yous like this one!

Whitehouse also informed Michael that two of the books he referred to in the review are not yet out yet. But our kidlit lover already pre-ordered the books.

We split our review into two parts: The first is an introduction to the series, and the second is a review of Books One and Two.

In the reviews, Michael calls on Styles and Whitehouse to write “infinity” more books, and gives their books an infinity-star rating.

Here’s the introduction:

And here’s the infinity-star rating and review of the first two books, “Case of the Missing Tiger’s Eye,” and “Something Smells Fishy.”

People often ask: How did Michael start reviewing kids’ dog books? When our dog, Lucy, died three years ago, we were so sad we decided to write our own kids’ dog book series starring Lucy. To fill our blog with fun, we decided that book lover Michael (who had just turned five at the time), should review kids’ dog books on YouTube and provide fun dog facts for kids. That year, Michael appeared on the Today Show in a piece about his kids’ book reviews and love of books–which we hope is contagious!

We are now working on our own dog book series. Our third book will be a chapter book, and will include illustrations from Michael, along with our illustrator, Heather Nichols. We haven’t been blogging much because we’re busy writing! Be sure to follow us on twitter: @BashAndLucy. You can email us at

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